February 21, 2012

Monk Runs for Mayor in New 2-Hour TV Movie

Being a die-hard fan of Tony Shalhoub's quirky detective Monk, the following piece of today's news surprised me in such a positive way: Monk will return to our TV screens and show creator Andy Breckman was eager to spill some more details about it:

Breckman says, "Just today as we did this interview, I just finished writing a Monk movie." [...] "I'll even tell you the title of it. 'Mr. Monk for Mayor'. He runs for mayor of San Francisco." Breckman expects you'll see the new Monk show this December, and he's hoping it will have a sequel.

The show, which came to an end after eight seasons in 2009, averaging almost 5.2 million viewers during its final run with numbers climbing up to 9.4 million during a touching two-part finale, was one of USA Network's most popular weekly outings with a total of 125 episodes.

And I missed it ever since the finale.

Monk – Square Tomato

via My9TV and SpoilerTV

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Gary Weiss said...

monk is my all-time favorite comedy

Billy Vagitus said...

it never happened :(

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