February 25, 2012

New Hodgy Beats EP is Delightfully Delicious

It's almost impossible to follow the more-than regular output of Odd Future, everyone's current favorite hip hop collective. But sometimes, I have to take a few days off and snatch a batch of their recent and mostly free recordings, which I did last night when I discovered that Hodgy Beats just released a new EP.

The untitled 9-track package is quite a slick combo of old-school beats and chilled-out vocals, the perfect thing for a slow Friday or Saturday night. You should totally get it, not only because it comes with some smooth work by The Alchemist. I'd only love to hear a bit more of the beautiful tracks, since half of them don't run for more than two minutes, which still turns the EP into quite a delicious snack.

Grab the free EP over at Odd-Future.com!

Hodgy Beats – "Lamented"

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