March 27, 2012

Alcatraz' Season 1 Ends, Let's Have a Second!

So Alcatraz' debut season is over and guess what? The season finale even answered quite a lot questions – or at least allows you to form your own conclusions on many levels that won't be that far off if the show should return to a second season.

Fox still hasn't decided on the fates of two shows I'm following, one being Alcatraz, the other one being Fringe (which, by the way, ends its current season with a two-parter titled "End Game". Does that sound promising?), and I could live with both being renewed.

Anyway, I liked the Alcatraz finale (and the 12th episode running before the finale) and they offered quite a few revelations, while – of course – raising quite a handful of new questions. Even if a possible start into a second season isn't that hard too predict (Possible spoiler ahead: Don't you also believe that Rebecca will naturally wake up eventually because she has something special running through her veins as well?), I also liked the foreshadowing of a nationwide spree of returning inmates as well as their Bullitt car chase tribute.

On a side not, my little site with 63s trading cards is now also finished regarding the first season, and if you haven't seen anything of Alcatraz so far at all, don't be afraid: you don't have to. But if you like the trailer below, why not give it a spin!

Alcatraz – Season 1 First Look Trailer

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