March 3, 2012

Gackt's New YFC Song: Forgettable at Best

Well, who would have thought it? After releasing a pretty cool single, Japanese mastermind Gackt immediately follows up with a pretty crappy new song from his boy band Yellow Fried Chickenz, which is called "Mata, koko de aimasho" and sounds like the little pop remix bro of Gackt's way more awesome epic "Kimi ga matteiru kara".

I wonder if they even included one slightly new sequence in this song, or if it's really just the bland copy-and-paste job of former Gackt pop songs it feels like. Not really the appetizer for the new YFC album "One" we have been waiting for, or what do you think? Listen to "Mata, koko de aimasho" below:

Yellow Fried Chickenz – "Mata, koko de aimasho"

Another song by Gackt I hadn't heard before is this "Konayuki" live collab with T.M. Revolution from last Christmas, and it's probably as underwhelming as you would expect such a collaboration to be, but still better than that new YFC thing.

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