March 1, 2012

LOST Thoughts Available / Cusick on Fringe Set

SpoilerTV broke the news of a new book about my favorite show last night, called LOST Thought, which is "a lively collaboration between 22 leading experts in the online LOST world and the academic community." The book is published by Inukshuk Press and here's a little bit more:

What if all your favorite LOST authors and bloggers were gathered in one place, accessible anytime you wished, day or night? What if you could bring together in the same place the world’s leading authorities on LOST? What would you talk about with them? What fascinating ideas would they bring for your consideration?

What if you could talk with people who never left the Island, who never will leave the Island—whose job it is, in fact, to live, breathe, experience and explain LOST 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

There are such people, and there is such a magical place, in a book: LOST Thought.

You can read a lot more about LOST Thought and view some inside snippets over at SpoilerTV, whose captain Andy Page belongs to the 22 contributors. Likely a pretty interesting read for die-hard Losties like me, I can't help but advise my fellow followers to take a look or grab it right away via CreateSpace or Amazon.

In other news, here's LOST icon Henry Ian Cusick, or Desmond as you know him better, on the set of Fringe, shooting one of this season's later episodes:

Images by Susan Gittins

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