March 30, 2012

Nosoyo: "Just Before The Faint" Cover & Tracklist Revealed

Today I've got a little exclusive scoop straight out of awesome Amsterdam for you, by which I mean the tracklist for the upcoming debut album of our favorite six-piece Nosoyo.

If you're following the alt-pop ensemble centered around singer/songwriter Donata on Facebook, you may have already discovered the album's title and cover (another pretty design by Joost Stokhof of the things we are), and now you also get the final tracklist.

"Just Before The Faint" will most likely become available mid-April, but since there's no official release date yet I'll just keep you updated when the time has finally come for you to grab the long-anticipated disc. And if you're way too excited right now, you can take a look at Nosoyo's older demo songs on Bandcamp for an early impression of some album songs.

Check out the tracklist and a great clip from Nosoyo's big 2011 tour below:

"Just Before The Faint"

Album (Spring 2012)


  • Close To Me
  • Stepping Stone
  • The Closest To Death
  • Clockwise
  • Dreck
  • Bloody Mary Poppins
  • Mirrors
  • Smoke Signal
  • Sharks
  • From Now On

Nosoyo – 2011 Live Tour Clip

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