March 10, 2012

Postal III: Worse Than Its Promos

Running With Scissors must be the only video game developer that has only one extremely notorious franchise in its portfolio. So one may be tempted to ask: How could they churn out such a crappy Postal III, after the second game was such a popular and satirical milestone throughout all the borderline violence?

Hell, the expansion pack with crazy demon Gary Colemans appearing randomly in a dark asylum even belongs to the most frightening sequences I have ever played through. And now look at that piece of generic gory crap below.

You know, while the first Postal was arguably a crappy and entirely tasteless killfest with a psycho antihero and the infamous bonus level where you had to uhm...get rid of a group of children at a playground, the second one went in the right direction. It was a game where you didn't have to use violence to accomplish your goals...that is, if you were willing to stand in line for fifteen minutes to cash your check.

The game was amusing and as over the top as possible, with cats you could use as silencers on your machine gun, and it had a lot of political subtext. Of course, things like urinating on people and making them vomit went a little bit too far for many, what led to the game being banned in several countries, but it was still a game that really let you do whatever you wanted.

Postal III doesn't look fun at all. It's just a disjointed, cheaply designed and annoyingly frantic killing spree that gives you the impression they put more effort into coming up with the weirdest weapons than into developing a fun game. Just like Duke Nukem Forever, Postal III came out a few years too late and turned out as nothing more than a glaring disappointment on many levels. Haven't Postal fans suffered enough since Uwe Boll directed the horrible movie?

Postal III – Riot in Prison Mission

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