March 30, 2012

Russian LOST Clone "Ostrov" Doesn't Even Try

Well, if that's an April Fools' joke, they're a bit early with it...but well, it's not, and it's airing since January 31 in Belarus: The Russian Lost, which they apparently call OCTPOB...uhm nope, it's actually Ostrov, meaning "the Island", with the whole title translating to The Island of Unwanted People.

I'm already exhausted now, so I will just leave you with the synopsis so you can form your own opinions:

A group of tourists out of thirteen people, including Lisa and Andrew, arrives in an Asian country, but instead of waiting for an exotic travel ordeal. Shipwrecked, they are saved on a desert island. Accident will survive. Everyone uses his skills to occupy a niche in the new society. Finds her and Lisa. Having read detective stories, it begins its own investigation of the circumstances under which they were a motley company was on the island and makes everyone remember their past. Lisa discovers a strange pattern: they were once connected.

You can actually watch the first season here if you dare, but I guess you will may be satisfied with the trailer below already (at least if you don't speak Russian):

Game of Thrones – "The North Remembers" (Sneak Peek)

via Fuck Yeah Lost! & SpoilerTV

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