March 30, 2012

Sarah Donner Rocks the Oatmeal's Pterodactyl Poem

Over half a million people have watched the Motherfucking Pterodactyl Song (based on this Oatmeal comic) while I'm writing this, and most of them, me included, have wondered about the beautiful voice that's singing the Oatmeal's lines along the clip.

Well, that's Sarah Donner, indie folkpop "singer/songwriter/creative type who likes cats, 90s mixtapes, musicals, and sequins." She has a lot of good music on her official website, much of it available for free, and I really recommend checking her stuff out, because it's wonderful.

Not only does she seem like a pretty sweet person, but her talent is undeniable. And the Pterodactyl song is awesome! Go for it below and check out some of Sarah's many great solo songs here or here, for example.

Sarah Donner & The Oatmeal – "The Motherfucking Pterodactyl Song"

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