April 17, 2012

Announcing My Indie RPG Debut: Eule's Awakening

I already teased my new project in my latest post, but I have some more information for you today!

Right now, I'm more than busy creating my first own old-school RPG called Eule's Awakening: The Lord of Sin with Eule as leading character and many more friends and folks. I'm working with the awesome new RPG Maker VX Ace, which isn't cheap but efficient and addictive to work with.

Eule's Awakening features a dark but fun storyline, about 8-10 hours of gameplay, the Island from Lost, all-new weapons, armors, items etc., and much more. I plan to release the game for free in June, which is why I'm spending most of my free time working on it at the moment. So I hope you forgive me for neglecting my blog for a few weeks.

I'll leave you with a few screens from a pre-alpha version of the game for now, but you will find more (and bigger ones) at the new Calavera Games website, which is the label for my current and future indie projects, and which holds all the information you need. You can also follow the new Calavera Games page on Facebook to keep yourself up to date, of course. New fans are always welcome! =)

April 11, 2012

3 Pieces of News and Some Oldie

I've been embarrasingly lazy blogging here over the last few days, but I have good reason for that! And of course I'm not on my way to closing the Buzz down, how could I?

It's just that I've got a month full of a very personal project ahead of me, and I will tell you what it is right at the first following bullet point. And some other things I wanted to add right now after that, too.

  • I'm currently creating my own and first RPG with the utterly awesome RPG Maker VX Ace, which I can only recommend. The game stars Eule as the main character who has a fun trip ahead of him. As my debut it won't be a commercial thing, of course, but I believe it's going to be a fun experience. Expect a full announcement post with first impressions next week!
  • After snatching a taste of the forbidden fruit the new ProximaShines album "Into The Void" is, I can honestly say that this album is very different from every earlier release by DaevaRocks, or David Händel, or IAmTheRain, and especially experimental electro fans – and fans of good music – will love this baby. June 2nd's the date you want to mark in you calendar!
  • Only just today did the Film School Rejects post some news about the upcoming Joss Whedon horror flick The Cabin in the Woods – and a fun giveaway taking place right now, in which the first price is...? Well, what could it be? A cabin? Some trees? Dinner with Buffy? No. A bong. Heh!

And so I will leave you with an awesome song from the funky Odd Future crew today, because I believe both you and I have deserved it.

Odd Future – "Oldie"

April 4, 2012

Al Lowe Plans Leisure Suit Larry Remake!

A few months ago I told you about adventure veteran Tim Schafer's new project on Kickstarter, which collected an easy million dollars in only 24 hours. Now another veteran sets out to revive his baby and I couldn't be happier!

Al Lowe, once Sierra's most famous personality, and Replay Games plan to remake Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, which was not only one of history's most pirated games, but also my first English computer game at all.

I remember how I sat in front of the monitor with my friends back then and we just went through the dictionary to see what we could use in the game, but I have to admit that it took us weeks to figure out that we could just yell for a taxi and leave the first scene. Oh, the good times! Leisure Suit Larry 1 has a super-special place in my heart, which is why I HAVE to order all of you to support Al Lowe's campaign right here!

And if you really don't know anything about Larry, one of the sleaziest characters in video game history, I heavily recommend to watch Al's funny clip below, which basically tells you the whole story in witty Al Lowe fashion:

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded – Al Lowe's Kickstarter Clip

April 1, 2012

Google Upgrades Maps to 8-Bit for April Fools'

Google, always known for creative and fun April Fools' jokes, have done it again and prepared over 10 pranks for this year's first April Sunday, although there could, of course, still be more floating around.

My personal favorite is the "upgraded" Google Maps technology, which even warns you that "your system may not meet the requirements for 8-bit computations." Heh!

By clicking the "Quest" button, you'll enter the new world of 8-bit Dragon Warrior GMaps, which doesn't only look super-cool in the eyes of people around my age, but also comes with some special landmarks, pandas and bosses, some of which you can admire in the also-new pixelated, color-flooded 8-bit Street View mode. (Not the pandas or bosses, though.)

Check out Google's clip for a brand-new NES GMaps below, and then move on to find all the other pranks this year! =)

Google Maps 8-bit for NES (Trailer)