April 11, 2012

3 Pieces of News and Some Oldie

I've been embarrasingly lazy blogging here over the last few days, but I have good reason for that! And of course I'm not on my way to closing the Buzz down, how could I?

It's just that I've got a month full of a very personal project ahead of me, and I will tell you what it is right at the first following bullet point. And some other things I wanted to add right now after that, too.

  • I'm currently creating my own and first RPG with the utterly awesome RPG Maker VX Ace, which I can only recommend. The game stars Eule as the main character who has a fun trip ahead of him. As my debut it won't be a commercial thing, of course, but I believe it's going to be a fun experience. Expect a full announcement post with first impressions next week!
  • After snatching a taste of the forbidden fruit the new ProximaShines album "Into The Void" is, I can honestly say that this album is very different from every earlier release by DaevaRocks, or David Händel, or IAmTheRain, and especially experimental electro fans – and fans of good music – will love this baby. June 2nd's the date you want to mark in you calendar!
  • Only just today did the Film School Rejects post some news about the upcoming Joss Whedon horror flick The Cabin in the Woods – and a fun giveaway taking place right now, in which the first price is...? Well, what could it be? A cabin? Some trees? Dinner with Buffy? No. A bong. Heh!

And so I will leave you with an awesome song from the funky Odd Future crew today, because I believe both you and I have deserved it.

Odd Future – "Oldie"

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