50 Links

1980 games   →   Loads of old video, handheld and arcade games for free.
3frames   →   Create and share three-frame GIFs via your home webcam.

Abandonia   →   Over 1,100 abandonware games with many classic gems.
Alcatraz – The '63s   →   Trading cards of all the Alcatraz villains of the week.
Ana Somnia   →   A beautiful dream emulator taking you somewhere else.
AndroidPIT   →   Android apps galore – News, reviews, downloads and more.
Audiotool   →   Realistic, terrific, playful, and cloud-based music making tool.

Binary – it's digitalicious!   →   A handy online binary decoder/encoder.

Codeacademy   →   Learn how to code the easy way – alone or with friends.
Color Scheme Designer   →   Find the right colors for your website or else.
CopyPasteCharacter   →   Handy copy and paste site for foreign characters.
Create Your Own Marvel Superhero   →   A fun editor to play around with.
Cubeecraft   →   Searching for free papercraft toy PDFs? Here's all you need.

Emojicons   →   Every nerdy emoticon you will ever need!  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

First Person Tetris   →   Tetris as you know it, only a little more challenging.

Game Boy Online   →   Online Game Boy emulator with any game you need.

Icons Etc.   →   Over 128,000 great free icons for web and application design.

JPEGmini   →   Superb site to shrink your images without losing any quality.
jump42!   →   Profound and philosophical webcomic series by Jakob Appel.

KeepTube   →   Download MP3s & videos from the most popular hosting sites.

Learn Something Every Day   →   Interesting site; the title basically says it all.
Lichess   →   Free online chess against friends, a random person or the A.I.
Lost Type Co-op   →   A project offering fine fonts, and you name the price.

Nifflas' Games   →   Atmospheric indie games like "Knytt Stories" by Nifflas.

Online Alarm Clock   →   A nice collection of various online alarm clocks.

Pica Pic   →   Stylish and faithfully remaked classic retro handheld games.
Piixle   →   Easily animate your own black and white, tiny GIF animations.

QR-Code Generator   →   Create your unique QR code for whatever source.
Qwerty Beats   →   Free your inner DJ with this little pumping beat-board.

RainyMood   →   Rain makes everything better? At least it helps you relax.

ScribblerToo   →   An experimental drawing tool with real-time line sprouting.
Scale of the Universe   →   A stunning and interactive scale of our universe.
ScummVM   →   Load and play your favorite DOS point-and-click adventures.
seeklogo   →   A vast collection of over 200,000 vector logos free to download.
Sellfy   →   A free and easy way to generate buttons to sell your digital goods.
Simpsons Avatar Creator   →   The only one from the creators themselves.
Speed Demos Archive   →   Over 600 speedruns of your favorite games.
stereomood   →   Select the right online radio channel for your any mood.
Stripgenerator   →   Create your own funny little comic strips in no time.
Super Mario Bros. Crossover   →   Play Mario with other video game heroes!
Swedish Armed Forces   →   Great and tricky 4-player online survival game.

ToneMatrix   →   Wonderfully cute sinewave synthesizer 16-step sequencer.
typeracer   →   Test your fabolous typing speed in this online competition.

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator   →   Easy gradients for pretty web design.

Virtual Keyboard   →   Neat little keyboard featuring various instruments.
Virtual Piano   →   Great sounding piano with tutorial and recording function.

Wordle   →   Create beautiful and appealing word clouds from your own texts.
Wuala   →   Store up to 1 GB online for free and access it from anywhere.
WWWJDIC   →   Jim Breen's online Japanese dictionary is the best there is.

X-Files Guest Star List   →   Screens of popular former The X Files guest stars.